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Drain Cleaning & Backflow Services

Drain problems are typical and often cause the plumbing system to begin failing. Our drain cleaning professionals can quickly identify the source of the issue and get your clogged lines cleared. Our plumbing experts understand what it takes to eliminate drain problems and use video camera inspection that can alert us to blockages or damage in your pipes. This lets us know which services to use, the type of blockage, and resolve the issue using mechanical snaking and heavy-duty hydro-jetting to fix your plumbing issue as quickly as possible. Call us today for any issues you might be experiencing with drain repair, replacement, and other backflow services.

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Water leaks from the pipe

Slab & Water Leaks

Is your foundation at stake or the integrity of your flooring in question because of a leak? it is a known fact that it is detrimental to your structure when water expands and/or erodes the area surrounding your leak. Worse than that, it’s hard to gauge the extent of the damage it may have caused without the eyes of a professional carefully measuring the problem. If you’re experiencing a water or slab leak, call us immediately to discuss how we can help with a free consultation.

Installation & Repair

Seamless day-to-day operation is essential for a comfortable life. The only issue is that our appliances aren’t always in perfect working order, or new appliances are left on your doorstep and you have no working knowledge of how to install them. All that leaves you to foot the headache of an ill-functioning or uninstalled product. There is nothing we aren’t equipped to fix for you to get you back to the life you deserve to live, free of hassle and full of comfort.




Tankless Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Garbage Disposal




Water Filtration Systems & Softeners

Sump Pumps


Septic, Sewage, & Drainage Systems

Gas Lines

Pex -Pipe

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A kitchen with a sink and apparent ongoing construction work, suggesting renovation or remodeling

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

From planning to completion, Fast Track Plumbing® can help you remodel your bathroom or kitchen just the way you like while offering a wide range of flexible financing options to fit your budget and timeline needs. A custom bathroom or kitchen renovation will add not only to your comfort and enjoyment but will raise the value of your home substantially. When redesigning your bathroom or kitchen, Fast Track Plumbing® offers unlimited flexibility in your selection of faucet and sink designs along with water filtration and heating selections to compliment your full-service renovation.

Plumbing done right guaranteed